Cold waxing versus hot waxing laser hair removal

Waxing is among the most widely used laser hair removal methods. Waxing appears to work way of lengthy duration of hair free skin. To eliminate large and dense undesirable hairs all at once then waxing is ideal method. Essentially there’s two kinds of waxing: Cold Waxing and Hot Waxing. It’s your decision to determine which waxing method is most effective for removing your undesirable hairs.

What’s the Major Distinction Between Cold Waxing and Hot Waxing?

The wax used for the process consists of almost same ingredients. The fundamental ingredients found in both waxes are wax base (paraffin or beeswax), resin and lubricator. Resin can be used since it functions as adhesive helping in better attachment to locks whereas oil or fat can be used as lubricator for smooth and simpler laser hair removal. Sometimes additional ingredients like moisturizers, color or fragrances are put into raise the laser hair removal experience.

The main distinction between cold wax and hot wax may be the temperature where it’s applied onto the skin. Before using hot wax with regards to waxing it’s melted. This melted wax is used onto the skin along with a small bit of cloth is pressed around the wax. This bit of cloth aids the undesirable laser hair removal process. Because the temperature of hot wax reduces it adheres towards the hair so when the bit of cloth is taken in the alternative direction of growth, hair will get pulled with hard wax.

In situation of cold waxing, wax has already been put on the pulling strips. The wax around the pulling strips is within a semi-solid phase also it remains as for the reason that phase through the process. The cold wax strips are put on your skin and pressed lower in direction of hair regrowth. Then rapidly the strips are taken in the alternative direction.

Which Approach to Choose? Cold Waxing or Hot Waxing:

Both waxing techniques their very own pros and cons. Once the two waxing methods are compared then it’s observed that in hot waxing method the wax adheres easier to hairs. But cold wax doesn’t adhere that well towards the hair shafts. When it comes to cleanliness cold waxing methods is less untidy when compared with hot waxing.

Cold waxing versus hot waxing laser hair removal along with

Cold wax is a lot simpler for when compared with hot waxing method. Cold wax strips can be found in various shapes and size so they are utilized for removing hair from eyebrow to legs. However in situation of hot wax you have to put it on with the aid of a stick hence making laser hair removal of smaller sized areas like upper lips and eyebrows difficult.

It’s observed that cold waxing technique is less painful however for the best results you have to apply cold wax strips frequently. Repeated use of strips could potentially cause painful red bumps, skin irritation and problem of ingrown hairs. Whereas hot waxing is painful method but generally don’t require repetition for the best results.

Cold waxing versus hot waxing laser hair removal can be found

Whichever waxing method you choose but don’t forget one factor that avoid waxing on infected, inflammed and sunburned skin. It is best not less than one day stay away from spas, perfumes, pool and lotions. Lastly never over heat hot wax as it might burn the skin.