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Trg products briwax wax products then any finish thatBriwax is a mix of beeswax and carnauba wax, two finest waxes available. Briwax is made to safeguard all wood and then any finish that it might be applied. Use Briwax on all forest, leather, marble, concrete, metal and colored surfaces. It increases the finish associated with a piece. Briwax will come in the Original formula or Toluene Free formula. Combine colors and/or formula for the market. Make use of the color chart below as helpful tips for the colors of Briwax.

Obtainable in 1-pound can size and seven-pound size cans (the 7-pound size can is also referred to as the Trade Size)

Adding various dye colors suspended within the wax enables Briwax to decrease minor scratches without altering the type or colour of the wood.

An natural cleaning solvent within the wax, before it evaporates, is made to clean grease and dirt from the surface, departing a waxed surface. This thin film of wax prevents oils and salts (fingerprints) from harming the top finish.

Check out Original Formula versus. Toluene Free to get more acquainted with the facts from the variations of these two formulas.

Also take a look at our Hex Handle Foam Applicator Pad, microfiber application pads or Wax and Paint Brush for Briwax application.

For additional info on using Briwax, visit Using Briwax.

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Briwax demonstration


wiregarden: Do you have to re-coat at any point?  Let's say you use one coat.  How long would it hold up?

Barry Clark: Hi Nancy\n\nOnly just watched your video, and its amazing, love the way you promote the product. I'm with Barry who wrote earlier and both support Briwax promotions like yours. We stand at all the main Antique Fairs selling Briwax.\n\nLisa \n\nBarlis of Lincoln

Barry Clark: Hi Nancy\n\nWhat an helpful video, very well done. been distributors for Briwax for over fifteen years and know its an amazing polish after selling many thousands of tins. Its good of you to promote such a good product.\n\nThankyou\n\n\nBarry

BabeReport: your doing it wrong, you're supposed to put it in a bag and sniff it

Hudson Cerone: Hi Nancy,\r\n\r\nGreat informational video! I have a question? Can you use the Briwax on a sealed surface like a antique bed that has been sealed with a poly, etc… It appears that the Briwax you are using is the Ebony color? If so, can I use it on a dark maple colored bed?\r\n\r\nThank you!\r\nHudson