Crayon transfer technique


HELLO! If you’ve found me from my video of the technique, you’ll note I wasn’t using Crayolas within the video. Fundamental essentials crayons I made use of there, and they’re a little better along with a bit smoother compared to Crayolas. Love ’em.

Crayons are something most households with young children convey more of than maybe other things. Actually, it’s normal to question should there be more crayons in the whole world than other things. The solution could be yes.

That is why there are plenty of awesome, fun projects available for alternative uses of crayons, since the crayon epidemic got so beyond control, parents needed to figure out ways to eliminate massive levels of crayons previously.

I’ve done a crayon painting art project, also it would be a huge hit, however i desired to try my hands at different things this time around, and so i went looking for other crayon techniques and found this one.

They almost seem like reverse scratchboard, in the event that is sensible.

Here’s the thin:

Make use of your crayons to create a pattern or blobs or virtually anything on certificates. The important thing here’s to press challenging a thick layer of waxy color lower around the paper. (Tip: you’re going to get the greatest results if you are using thinner paper like copy paper.)

Used to do rainbow stripes and blobs, and also the rainbow stripes are certainly what you want. Should you make certain the stripes aren’t too wide, you’ll obtain a good selection of colors happening.

crayon transfer surfacescrayon transfer surfaces

When your paper is included, you are able to switch your crayon paper so it’s face-lower over a bit of blank paper. I would recommend first brushing from the random wax bits that have a tendency to accumulate around the crayon surface first…

crayon transfer from Tiny Rotten Peanutscrayon transfer from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Utilizing a pencil or ball point pen, draw (press pretty firmly, but do not break your little fingers) anything you want to. When you’re finished, raise your crayon paper off and away to reveal the special moment.

I had been inspired by a few pinning I’d done yesterday, and desired to draw an entire lot of fishies, to ensure that Used to do.




crayon transfer drawing crayon transfer drawing

Look! It also looks awesome around the crayon paper:

crayon transfer closeupcrayon transfer closeup

Next, I came over a number of Beckett’s sketches to determine the way they would come out around the blobby crayon background. They drawn and that i must have left his sketches alone. I found that with this particular technique, you ought to get more detail and colored-in areas rather of just lines.

But! This is exactly what occurs when you are making art- you experiment and check out various things and experiment (the same factor, designed in three various ways because I’m so wordy.) Seriously, though- isn’t this the good thing of art-making?

Crayon transfer kid drawingsCrayon transfer kid drawings

So clearly I came a fork along with a cat-like creature next.

crayon transfer technique crayon transfer technique

I recommend this. It’s fun, and it is something that you can do together with your kids or on your own when you’re just hanging out searching to have an easy art project to complete. Among the best areas of this projects is when lengthy it requires to fill the papers with crayon. When you are working, the mind will wander, your breathing will slow lower, and everything is going to be right using the world.

I made an intro video with this technique if you would like to obtain a better concept of how to get it done:

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Crayon Art, Transfer Print – Kinsy McVay


That One Kid: that so awesome

Hamidehh: Where did you get the crayons from 

Kinsy McVay: +Hamza Hamideh Some art supply stores like Hobby Lobby carry them. I usually order mine from Sax or Dick Blick, though.

Pham Thu Hang: Thank you!

Forever_ Grace: Can we use something else instead of chalk?

Катя Чешейко: You can make a light sketch on the clean side before cover the other side with chalk and crayon.\nThanks for the interesting lesson с:\n.

Elizabeth Maria Sernaqué Vásquez: Maravilloso, gracias por compartir tu idea.

Shaye Liawna: Pretty Neat!

Spencer Kellogg: What kind of crayons do you use ?

Kinsy McVay: I have best luck with Crayola construction paper crayons.

caramoment X: it is really good

Stephanie Kay: This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Jonah Sims: i could not do it becauss im on a plane

Lemuhns: Plz

Lemuhns: Can you draw another one? Can you make it a different design like a house?

Dory Rosa: Are you related to Angela McKay she a teacher

Brett Skiles: this project is so easy and awesome !

Kinsy McVay: Glad you like it!  :)

Valerie Rodriguez: This is so cool! My son loves to draw with crayons and does story boards. I have been looking for new ways for him to express his love of art with crayons. Thank you so much, Mr. McVay for sharing your talent! Sincerely, Valerie Rodriguez

Kinsy McVay: My pleasure!  I love this project.  I hope your son enjoys it, too!