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Crayons really are a staple in each and every toddler and child’s home. In addition to most likely a number of different kinds stacked nicely inside a box within the art area in your own home, but there’s often a couple of within the bathroom, underneath the couch, within the vehicle, or perhaps in other various locations that are totally unattainable to. You probably know this, kids love crayons.

Unhealthy News.

When it’s time for you to fill up again (that is usually earlier than you would like), have a minute to re-think the crayons that you simply typically buy. Most major crayon companies don’t always employ probably the most natural, child-friendly ingredients. For instance, a number of these popular companies make their crayons with paraffin wax, that is really a consequence of oil. Sure, these crayons are thought non-toxic and safe by government and industry standards, but because parents, our standards (especially with regards to our children) are often much greater. There is a subconscious reason we always tell our toddlers “Don’t consume the crayons!”

Yuck, Now What?

If you prefer a safer, natural method of encourage your child’s inner Picasso, then take a look at soy or beeswax crayons. These natural wax crayons are totally non-toxic and eco-friendly, produced from natural, biodegradable ingredients, and really smell safe! They perform equally well, otherwise better, compared to popular crayon brands, with less chalkiness, more blendability, and vibrant colors.

I’m Convinced, Show Me The Crayons!

Sure, you can purchase these natural crayons in a couple of places, but try your hands at making your personal? This really is the only method to be 100% sure from the things that have been in the crayons that the youngsters are using (and/or mistreating). It is also an enjoyable and simple craft to do together with your kids. So go to Amazon . com or perhaps your local craft store, and prepare to begin melting!

Resourse: http://dailymom.com/make/homemade-natural-wax-crayons/

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