Melting wax crayons

Its my witches available which are artists or simply love art of any sort, here are a few points to consider contributing to your craft.

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  • Use vine or compressed charcoal dust to create black salt
  • Use sketchbooks as unique grimoires, book of shadows, book of cosmos, dream journals, etc where you can use markers, paints, etc for your heart&rsquos desire
  • Red liquid ink can replacement for bloodstream
  • Black liquid ink will work for curses specifically for blinding, confusion and chaos
  • Blue liquid ink can represent water or even the sea
  • Yellow liquid ink for divination
  • Eco-friendly liquid ink for defense and healing spells
  • Enchant your calligraphy pens for sigil try to strengthen the sigils you are making or spells you are writing together
  • Use doodles of individuals or the way you visit a person for taglocks in curses and bindings
  • Melt crayons for wax seals on jars or any other spells by putting them in intense sun or heating these questions wax melter (be careful that you simply don&rsquot heat them as well high)
  • Melt crayons and blend with coconut oil and essential olive oil for anointing oil corresponding using the colors you utilize (also can be used lipstick if preferred)*
  • Use scrapbooking paper inside your grimoire allow it unique and artsy pages
  • Make use of your paints to create colored spells. Create a sigil and paint it on your page or canvas, and in line with the sigil&rsquos intent once dried paint regarding this a picture that corresponds with this intent to activate. Hang up the phone inside your room or home. Cleanse and charge regularly
  • Glitter my witches, ideal for color magic and jar spells (note glitter isn’t best to be thrown in to the atmosphere so please don&rsquot)
  • Write lower an individual or &lsquoforce&rsquo inside your existence you want to get rid of and employ erasers to erase it away like a simple severing spell
  • Make use of your dirty paint water for curses or inspiration spells
  • Use stickers to close spell jars
  • Not able to lose something inside your apartment? Drench it in black and white or paint rather
  • Use mechanical pencil lead in curses by break up. extremely effective for author&rsquos block and creativeness block curses
  • Bead enthusiasts or jewellery makers, make use of your beads to create spell/enchanted jewellery according to colors, shapes, and letters utilized in it for correspondences
  • Help make your own ouija boards, very grids, pendulum charts, etc on some matte board or foam board using paints to create unique affordable tools
  • Use chalk dust for warding and protection spells
  • Buy blackboard paint to show a wall or any other object right into a blackboard for sigil use, spell writing, organization, etc
  • Use individuals plastic multiple-use paint containers for small portable spell jars
  • Sharpies and black markers are great for curses generally
  • Make use of your color wheels for divination via colormancy
  • Use modeling clay or pottery clay to create your personal offering bowls, statuettes and poppets for various uses
  • For an easy and quick black mirror simply paint the rear glass of the picture frame with black acrylic paint. It might take several layers
  • Reuse bottles and cans by painting them up to ensure they are witchy containers for the tools, art supplies along with other storage purposes
  • Make sketches, write poetry, write tales, make pottery, create a painting, etc to create as choices to deities, fae, spirits, etc. Just don’t sign it if it’s for fae (your company name can provide them power you)
  • Use glue or tape to close spells, for binding as well as for strengthening spells
  • Use whiteout for banishing and invisibility spells
  • Use henna, temporary tats or body safe paint just for fun body sigils
  • Save pencil shavings for inspiration and creativeness spells
  • Enchant your art supplies to create you creativeness, focus, motivation and inspiration if you use them
  • Make use of your paints to color rocks colors for simple color magic
  • Turn your company name right into a sigil to sign your artwork so individuals will recognize it as being yours (or any other such desires)
  • Use used paint sponges to soak up negativity before tossing away
  • Mix paint or ink with water to create color potions or spell jars
  • Collect markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, etc for colorful written spells, amplify sigils, and also to strengthen spells
  • Illustrate your grimoire, book of shadows, dream journal, etc with images that you simply feel are essential or doodles to include your personal extra touch towards the spells and knowledge inside. Allow it to be your personal
  • Paint, draw, or create your desires or wishes and charge the skill within the moonlight to assist welcome individuals things to your existence. Keep your artwork inside your room or home
  • Use lines out of your written poetry, tales, lyrics, etc as spell incantations or lines when writing spells to ensure they are more personal
  • Use old sketchbooks, idea notebooks, free write journals, etc for bibliomancy
  • Try/Practice automatic writing or drawing for divination and spirit communication
  • Make collages from posters, sketches, photos, writings, poems, etc in your wall to do something like a low key altar


Don't Ever Boil an iPhone 6S in Crayons!


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