Help make your own wax for laser hair removal

CafeMom AudlyLuvly featured a publish on making your personal beauty items within the A Healthier LifestyleOrDiet plan Forum. She’s a lady after my very own heart!

Help make your own wax for laser hair removal Make use of

Within the thread, she spoken about how exactly she, too, loves the level of smoothness of waxing, but hates the salon prices. She determined steps to make it herself and it is sugar wax! She states she thinks it’s much better than regular wax since the sugar stays with the hairs and never your skin. To be sure — love the sugar wax.

As I wouldn’t recommend carrying out a Brazilian on yourself (ouch), sugar wax could be ideal for fundamental bikini line, face, arm, even leg waxing.

Help make your own wax for laser hair removal use of this wax

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

How you can prepare:

Mix all ingredients inside a microwave safe bowl. Heat on high for 2 minutes. Remove and stir. Put in for an additional two minutes. Remove and stir. Continue until mixture is really a caramel color having a thick consistency. Allow it to awesome for just a few minutes which means you don’t scald the skin. Test with finger before use. Smooth wax on area you need to remove hair in 2 inch sections. You are able to apply wax having a spoon and spread evenly. Make use of a cloth (just like a clean old t-shirt you will no longer want), decline in strips, to put on the top of wax, smooth lower, let looking for thirty seconds, then remove fast as being a regular waxing.

You may also make use of this wax with no strips. The secret would be to allow it to awesome enough that you could handle it together with your bare hands. Try taking some and knead it like dough therefore it constitutes a little ball. Then spread it on the skin and pull of fast. If still sticky, you are able to re-apply it to other parts of hair.

Would you use sugar wax? Would you wax both at home and at health spa?


DIY Hair Removal Wax using SUGAR!!! DIY or BUY


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Shabbadabadoo: You did the hard wax wrong. You're supposed to kneed it in your hands until it becomes toffee coloured clay spread it on the skin and pull. You can use a tablespoon blob for half a leg or more. I do it all the time. Kneading it cools it and allows for hairs to stick to it, without burning your skin. The way you did it, it hardens and nothings happens. The liquid wax, you have to let it cool completely and then drop it in the microwave for 10 seconds twice. Wax heats up pretty fast and holds very high temperatures for long. Then you rub a thin layer on your skin covering the area of a wax strip, stick it, rub it over a little and pull against your hair growth.

Yasmin-Marie Pirzada: Shabbadabadoo you're welcome to read the description

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just. ruba: hey…you did it the wrong way \ningredients :\n1 cup of sugar \n1/3 cup of water \n1 tbs lime or lemon \n\nadd them all keep stirring till it boils turn it off and take a very small part (smaller than a thumb, pretty much like a nail ) pull it from hand to hand like playing with a playdo (I give up…forgot how to write it) then try it on a small part of ur body. Then when it works and you want to wax you take a bigger part depending on how much you need, pull and grip just like you did when testing it then apply with the side that the hair grows and pull against or opposite to the side of hair growth (best and easiest way to wax, hair wont grow again in a long time)

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Mari Vargas: Using a metal knife to spread hot sugar is really dumb… Metal conducts heat!!!

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