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With the sunshine here, this is a great time for you to wax your vehicle which help safeguard it from bugs, pollen, sun, and road grime. Before choosing a vehicle wax, remember that premium vehicle wax brands don’t always endure much better than lower-priced alternatives, according to our latest tests. Actually, some moderately priced fluids scored presents itself our Ratings–much better than some products costing two times just as much.

Still, no 19 products tested were sufficiently good to be Rated excellent, with many showing indications of degeneration inside a couple of days.

We discovered that pastes performed no much better than fluids overall, although the two top-scoring pastes were the only real waxes to rated good for durability. Both wax types had similar scores for simplicity of use.

We didn’t evaluate spray-on/wipe-off products this time around, because earlier tests have proven these to be less efficient to clean, to become ineffective against weather, and also to rate the worst for durability. They are best just for newer finishes and when you wash and wax frequently.

Because of today’s obvious-coat finishes, our testing implies that every wax will most likely not enhance the shine on the new vehicle. Regular washing remains the first thing to do to protecting your car’s finish. However a coat of wax can also add a layer of protection against tree sap, bird waste, along with other contaminants–a minimum of for some time. Most products we tested demonstrated a substantial lack of protection within about five days. Because of this, we advise waxing even new cars every 2 or 3 several weeks. And when your vehicle is older or even the finish has started to dull, the results could be much more dramatic. Waxing can fill minute finish imperfections, and waxes that scored highly for gloss improvement removed oxidation making paint appear more dark and much more vibrant.

Best vehicle wax reviews – consumer reports had similar scores

But remember that the paint finishes on some more dark-colored cars can really be broken by a few of the more abrasive waxes, which could leave swirl marks. Check our Ratings for items that scored lower in this region.

Because this test was performed this year, the unveil of presidency rules regarding chemical toxins (VOCs) has pressed the to change its formulations. Finally check, these tested goods are still readily available for purchase, but new variations are anticipated to look on store shelves. While shopping according to our Ratings, make sure to match the precise product with individuals tested. We’re monitoring the marketplace to find out when it might be better to test a brand new batch of merchandise.


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GUNSnSTUFF: Oh my hell the ridgeline is NOT a truck.

Mason Mosolowski: DanielWhaaaa No,

Christopher Ballard: Brian D. The Problem with the Ridgeline is the build. Trucks and most suvs like the Suburban & Expedition have a Body-on-Frame build. This not only gives these vehicle the truck height and stance, but it also allows manufacturers to build the vehicle around a large frame. Thus, allowing the vehicle to handle the larger rear axles. So they can tow and haul heavy loads regularly, and safely \n\nThe Ridgeline is a unibody frame. This frame structure is great for smaller suvs, minivans, and crossovers because it allows the manufacturer yo build a lighter vehicle. But the unibody frame fails when is comes to towing and hauling heavy loads…which is exactly what trucks are made for. \n\nRidgeline is not a bad car, but calling is a truck is quite the stretch. Its more of a topless odyssey.

Mark Luciani: best thing I found is rent the vehicle your looking at for the weekend it works. rented a 2016 Rav 4 for a weekend trip hated it. it was off my list.

Roger Geyer: Richard Basset: Good point on seats. It's hard to know about the seats without riding in a car for at least a couple hours.

John Smith: Renting cars doesn't always work. Rentals can be very abused. I traveled for my job for years and rented al ot of cars. I noticed many rentals above 8k miles showed some degree of abuse. (Handling and suspension issues, etc) The rentals with low mileage were much more representative of the vehicle.

Brian Day: Someone explain to me how consumer reports knows how reliable a 2017 car is? Put 150k on it first, then get back to me.

1keykneedeep: Brian Day – Thank you. my feelings exactly. Any dude with a set of balls and testosterone pumping thru his veins would NEVER pick a faggot Miata as a top sports car. I guess the Corvette,Camaro,Mustang, Challenger, Nissan GTR, etc etc don't match up to the Miata's performance. GTFOH

daphenom45: 1keykneedeep got two things from your comment. 1. you're really insecure 2. you've never driven a miata around a apex at 100mph

appleseedmvp: Screw the Q7… Current Q7 owner here. After 500 miles, my sunroof, drivers door, and second row seats started to rattle. Audi service center will give you the car back claiming that they are fixed when nothing is fixed. The sunroof rattle is an ongoing issue with previous generation Q7 also. If you are ready for rattles, please go ahead and buy it.

Royhan: Damn you motherfuckas have money

Kommentator: That is quite weird, the sunroof is glued onto its rails and completely soft mounted, never heard of this issue. Tell me what caused it when you find out. Door rattling is usually caused by plastic covers not installed properly, should be an easy fix.

Beach Lovin: The Honda Ridgeline is not a pick-up there is a whole list of reasons why. It is basically a Pilot with a bed.

Lachlan Sinclair: A pickup truck is a light duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate.

Graham Clarence: Beach Lovin honestly, if they wanted a small truck, the Tacoma is the obvious winner. And they didn't even include regular sized trucks!

LifeHacks4All: Consumer reports. The Kia Optima Has a current sneaky lawsuit going on that affects all 2.0 and 2.4L Theta 2 motors… How can it be so reliable? Those motors are failing at an alarming rate.  Even owners of 2015/2016 kias are experiencing premature engine failure

Lok Tom: Thanks for the useful information. Let the facts spread.

bazuka0190: Honda Honda Honda everywhere you want a reliable car buy a Honda and it has low depreciation too.. I have the accord 2013 for a year now driving for uber I already put 46k driving everyday and i have no problems what so ever

J: Still don't understand the Kia popularity boost. It's a brand without any reliability. Better sell it before the warranty runs out. Also what is the deal with this channel and Audi. Are they being payed? Audi is so unreliable and is connected with Volkswagen who just really messed up big time. Why would you buy anything related to tht mess?

Jaden Sanderson: J Better Sell it before it runs out of warranty? Then I guess you'd be able to keep it for 10 years.