Epilator versus waxing the hairless truth

So what’s best?

Rather of dealing with the pros and cons of every method we felt it might be better to check out all of the characteristics which make a laser hair removal technique great and select what’s best, one at a time.


This really is frequently the component that is recognized as most significant. It’s also among the issues that epilators solve.

With waxing you’ve 2 options: you can check out a beauty salon for any professional wax, or it can be done yourself in your own home. An expert wax isn’t cheap, and though it may be something which only must be done once every couple of days, the expense accumulate. Waxing on your own in your own home cost less (particularly with Veet Wax Strips however, is one thing you need to buy again and again).

An epilator cost a little more in advance (round the cost of the professional wax), but when you purchase it you will not be having to pay something more for more than a year.

Epilator 1 – Waxing
(Epilator wins!)

Skin Irritation

After epilating you’re certainly going to get numerous red bumps on the skin. This really is normal and is due to the irritation of pulling hairs individually using their root. This redness usually subsides after a couple of hours (so don’t epilate prior to going out!) so we recommend moisturising immediately after.

Waxing really serves several purpose. It doesn’t only pull your hairs out it removes the dead skin cells in the surface of the epidermis like exfoliating does. This leaves the skin feeling smooth and smooth because the fresh skin cells are revealed. It may also result in some irritation, particularly if you have sensitive skin, however it ultimately happens under with epilation.

Epilator 1 – 1 Waxing
(Waxing wins!)


Waxing has been utilized for centuries because of its effectiveness. It pulls hairs in the root and takes dead skin cells by using it, departing the body nice fresh (if your little sore!). The only real downside would be that the wax presses hairs lower from the skin, which makes it much more likely they will not be pulled. There’s also much more of an opportunity that hairs is going to be damaged rather of pulled. This really is normally remedied by tweezing individuals left-behind hairs.

Epilating takes this method and mechanises it. Hairs are pulled from the main, departing it broken and resulting in the hair that grows to be thinner and less strong. With epilating, you are able to easily review a piece where some hair was missed. Though when epilating wet, you might find you will be carrying this out frequently as wet hairs will also be weighted lower from the skin which makes them hard to grasp.

Epilator 1 – 1 Waxing


How lengthy all these methods takes is ultimately your decision. An expert wax may be faster and much more effective than what you could achieve in your own home, but you need to travel to make it happen. Both waxing and epilating will require a shorter period the greater you need to do them and also the better you receive at doing them.

Typically, waxing will require an hour or so or perhaps an hour . 5 to complete your arms and legs. Epilating will require under an hour or so as well as doesn’t require any untidy cleanup time later on.

Epilator 2 – 1 Waxing
(Epilator wins!)


It’s difficult to argue from the epilator with this one. Waxing requires preparation, may it be warming up the wax or making a scheduled appointment. Cold wax is yet another option and even though it is certainly convenient, it’s much less effective and it is more prone to lead to ingrown hairs and irritation. By having an epilator you can just press a control button and start. Perfect should you not have enough time to reserve a scheduled appointment or wax yourself. Most contemporary epilators are cordless and thus may be used anywhere. Make certain you’ve enough battery though!

Epilator 3 – 1 Waxing
(Epilator wins!)


Some state that epilation is much more painful, some say waxing is. This category is summary. What we should can tell is the fact that each method get less painful as the skin will get accustomed to the feeling.

It may be contended that waxing has the capacity to cover a bigger area at any given time and thus overall the discomfort is less. It is also contended that epilators may be used wet, or in a lower speed setting to minimise discomfort.

Observe How To Lessen Epilation Discomfort for any much more comfortable session.

Epilator 3 – 1 Waxing

Frequency useful

It was a hard someone to decide.

Around the one hands: waxing will keep you smooth for approximately 8 days, while epilators usually can provide you with around 2 days to at least one month of hairlessness.

However: you have to watch for hair to develop to a particular length before you wax again, that is a nightmare should you not time your waxing right. There’s nothing worse than getting to get at a particular degree of hairiness before you rip everything out.

By having an epilator you are able to literally utilize it whenever. See a few hairs peeking through?
Seek and epilate. These units can pull hairs no more than .5mm long.

Tip: Hair grows back at different rates. Make use of your epilator once you use whatever hairs coming right through to maintain level of smoothness whatsoever occasions.

Furthermore, hair regrowth is stunted when utilizing an epilator so with continual use you’ll really need to epilate much less.

Epilator 4 – 1 Waxing
(Epilator wins!)


Epilating is fairly straightforward. There are a variety of products to bear in mind when epilating to obtain the the best results – see our Help guide to Perfect Epilation here.

Waxing is a touch more difficult. Cosmetics expert Paula Begoun recommends that you simply see an aesthetician before giving it a go yourself. When waxing in your own home you need to wait for a wax to get at the right temperature (be cautious about burning the skin) after which make certain you’re distributing it correctly without setting it up everywhere! It will likewise leave a sticky residue, but this is often easily wiped away having a couple of drops of oil.

With this thought, these two methods want more skill than seeing a salon 🙂

Epilator 5 – 1 Waxing
(Epilator wins!)

Final Score: Epilator 5 – 1 Waxing


The epilator was produced to treat a few of the problems that waxing had, and to help make the process simpler. We want to been successful. Waxing continues to be broadly utilized by women all across the globe because of the fact that it’s been a great choice to some problem for centuries. Epilators have grown to be increasingly popular through the years and could eventually replace waxing because the dominant approach to laser hair removal.

Still, every lady differs and everyone has their preferences. Waxing is a popular laser hair removal way of such a long time for reasonable. It really works, well.

There’s a lot of merchandise serving these 2 methods, that have an immediate effect on the technique’s status. Epilators are available in all shapes, prices and sizes. Some are equipped for sensitive areas as well as for facial epilation, some for the entire body. Waxing can be achieved aware of hot wax or cold wax, or with a professional in a salon. Many of these options will be different in quality.

Because of this the solution to the issue of epilator versus waxing can’t be absolute. We let you know that epilation may be the modern solution towards the problem of undesirable hair, but you will possibly not obtain the results you desired having a $5 epilator. Our recommendation for you would be to read some reviews and choose an account balance between cost and quality.

Safety Tips

  • Never wax within 24 hrs after or before tanning. Exposure to the sun damages the skin and causes it to be simpler to remove layers of skin whenever you wax, additionally, it increases the chance of bruising.
  • Do not go swimming in public places pools or enter into spas until a couple of hrs after waxing. Your sensitive skin entering connection with possibly unclean water can lead to infection.
  • Talk to your physician about waxing for those who have sensitive skin, an epidermis condition, or acne problems. Epilator is the perfect choice.


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Epilator vs waxing vs shaving – the best method of hair remover


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