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Are you currently fed up with using creams or razors? Our health spa offers a number of services which use which use hard wax, soft wax, and our personal wax recipe. Our company specializes in sugaring and full laser hair removal. Our estheticians only use 100% Natural Wax which includes, 100% Organic Bees Wax (hard wax), and Eucalyptus Oil infused soft wax. To have an authentic Brazilian waxing in SD, East County, and El Cajon book your appointment today. We service clients throughout from metropolitan areas like La Mesa, Lakeside, Chula Vista, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Santee, El Cajon, All downhill, Poway and college area.

Our El Cajon Health spa is easily situated in downtown El Cajon with easy accessibility 8, 67, and 125 freeways. We provide a lengthy listing of skincare and laser hair removal services, but we are recognized for our natural wax. Our focus on detail to each client is exactly what set us aside from a number of other spas. Whether you need to wax for your own personel beauty, cleanliness or that next visit to the shore, our professional waxing studio offers services from Brazilian Bikini wax to lip to leg to full wax services.  To learn more about our quality of labor please read client’s reviews.

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<h2><strong>Which Fits Your Needs?</strong></h2>

<p>Generally people know concerning the alternatives with regards to shaving. If you do not like constantly shaving, in-gown hairs, cuts, razor burns, bumps and all sorts of other drama connected with shaving, you very well may be searching for the answer. One with less maintenance, time, and expenses. Waxing is a superb alternative, but do you know have options with regards to the various styles we provide? There's in france they bikini, sugar, full bikini, fundamental bikini, Hollywood, Full-Plant, California bikini, and you may even develop your personal unique style and name! Of all the possible options, bikini and Brazilian are typically the most popular. We focuses on intimate laser hair removal services because of our owner and São Paulo native Celeste that has mastered a distinctive wax technique that can make you return for additional.</p>

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<h4>Let Me Know How It Operates!</h4>

<p>All of our estheticians work identically, and everybody must first be certified by Celeste before you take clients. You are able to assure you will get exactly the same treatment all our estheticians. Our estheticians begin by applying talcum powder towards the are that will be waxed to guarantee the skin is dry. Once the skin is moist, the wax is less efficient especially our sugar wax because it will not permit the wax that you follow hair or skin. We make use of a wooden stick/tongue depressors (never double dip obviously) and employ it to use warm wax towards the region. For sugar and soft wax, we use a wax strip within the area with wax. We push lower lightly so the strip stays with the wax. Then we hold lower your skin tightly, and rapidly take away the strip resulting in the cause of your hair to be released. With hard wax, we just use the warm wax towards the skin and allow it to dry. Once dried hard wax basically turns into a the strip itself so we simply rapidly pull around the wax to get rid of hair in the follicle. Through our years experience, we've recognized that parts of the body tend to be more sensitive than the others and thus we use each kind of wax in a few areas of the body to lessen discomfort.</p>

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<h4><img style=What Is Really A Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing is really a more contemporary evolution from the standard bikini. Essentially, all locks are taken off the leading (genital region), the rear (anus), and everywhere among (labia). The straightforward explanation is that you simply will appear exactly like you arrived to the planet, everything gone! With this kind of laser hair removal there’s room for lots of personalization. Some women prefer to remove everything and then leave an easy “landing strip” while some prefer to leave the very best (genital region) intact while removing all things in between and back and so the name full plant Brazilian. We’ve built our name and status like a waxing salon and continuously achieve this. For those who have any special request simply tell our estheticians.


Why Not A Bikini Waxing?

Bikini waxing is the best beginning treatment if you have didn’t have the genital region waxed before. It is because waxing could be somewhat painful the first time. While you wax more frequently the discomfort level decreases because of the follicle becoming thinner. A fundamental bikini removes less hair than the usual full Bikini wax. This will make it the right “starter wax” after you’ve developed a more powerful tolerance you might want to proceed to a complete bikini to get rid of much more undesirable hair.

The fundamental bikini wax removes hair in the bikini line only. A complete bikini wax removes the bikini line and bum. With fundamental, no locks are taken off the interior labia or toward the middle. There’s always personalization and you should consider asking to get rid of hair in the genital region or what we should call the “top” area. This is exactly what we call a French bikini waxing.


Which Fits Your Needs?

The selection can be you! What do you want or want? The majority of our clients usually go straight and take away everything rather than think back.

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