There exists a number of waxing services readily available for women and men.

Probably the most generally used laser hair removal technique is waxing or epilation. Epilation removes your hair towards the root.  We use both hard and strip waxes for eyebrows, lips, chins along with other hair on your face and the body hair.  Hair should be roughly 1/4 inch long to become effectively removed and also the client mustn’t use lotions, oils or any other products onto the skin for many hrs prior to the waxing session. Epilation by wax may be used on large surface areas as well as on all areas of the body. Waxing removes all hair within the target area, even short and fine hair leaving your skin smooth and soft in contact through the second day.  Some visitors experience redness for any couple of minutes to many hrs after waxing. You shouldn’t wax skin with spider veins.  We’re constantly searching for brand new products and technologies in this region, contact us at 903.893.6222 or plan a free, no obligation consultation to go over your choices.

Waxing – there exists a number of services available.  Click the link to reserve online, or call Bella Fontana Health spa to learn more.  903.893.6222

Resourse: http://bellafontanawellnesscenter.com/day-health spa-massage-salon-services/waxing-hair-removal/

Brazilian Waxing Demonstration(Strictly For Mature 18+)