Diy carnauba wax edge tamer


Even if you’re not really a veteran natural, then chances are you have most likely heard about Beeswax before. But have you ever heard of Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba Wax, using the scientific name of Copernicia Cerifera, is another kind of wax available in nail and skincare products, hair products, makeup, and sun block products. Carnauba wax is really a plant-based wax that’s obtained from the Brazilian Tropical Palm Tree. For this reason it’s sometimes known as South america Wax or palm wax. Carnauba wax is acquired by drying the palm eaves under the sun for any couple of days. The wax around the leaves will ultimately become dust and it is then removed by threshing. This will make it melted, strained and cooled for use at another time.

Carnauba wax is really a plant-based wax that’s obtained from the Brazilian Tropical Palm Tree. It provides cosmetics an even, glossy finish and it is used in a pliable, solid form. 

Benefits of Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax may be the hardest from the commercial vegetable waxes. It’s a tough, versatile and brittle wax that varies colored, from dirty yellow to brown, eco-friendly or white-colored. When utilized in cosmetics, Carnauba Wax provides the product an even application and glossy finish. It may also help to help keep the merchandise inside a pliable and solid form.

Carnauba wax can be used being an emulsifier which makes sure that the oil and liquid ingredients inside a product mixes well together without separating from one another. Because carnauba is really hard, frequently it’s accustomed to boost the thickness of solid products for example lipsticks and deodorants, to enable them to maintain their intended shape. Because of the hard nature of carnauba wax, it is just utilized in solid-based hair products for example wax.

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If you wish to produce a piecey pixie or clever lower your edges for any sleek ponytail protective style, make use of this DIY recipe for optimum hold that will not lead to unhealthy scalp build-up. Get these ingredients online at Amazon . com or at the local natural foods store.

The thing you need

  • 6 g beeswax 
  • 2 g carnauba wax
  • 15 g sesame seed oil
  • 10 g coconut oil
  • 10 g using castor oil
  • 40 g jojoba oil (grapeseed or essential olive oil may also be used as a substitute)
  • 10 drops of essential oils of your liking. (grapefruit, lemon, sandalwood or ylang-ylang oil are ideal for this recipe)


  1. Melt the wax inside a pot.

  2. Stir, turn lower heat, and gradually add some mixture of essential oils. When the wax hardens before things are mixed, progressively boost the heat.

  3. Pour the mix right into a glass jar. Once the mixture has cooled lower to around 40 levels Celsius, add some essential oils.


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Jaida Davis: What is the Arrowroot Powder for?

izwabbit: i believe it gives it the matte ish finish(less shine), i could be wrong,

shadowspect09: I've tried this, it mainly just makes either a really hard wax mess, or a greasy no hold paste. I'm looking for a Matte pomade or Clay as they say, any suggestions?

shadowspect09: Ruff Ruff Yeah, I'd like to make it last also, Kinda goes flat after a while in the hair, best time Is winter

Ruff Ruff: maybe make than some water/oil mixture with some sort of gel ingredient that doesnt "melt away" like gelatin, flaxseed gel or aleo vera. If u figure out the perfect recipe, don´t forget to tell me!

Kat Castanares: I really want to make this for my husband, but is there a way I could modify it to be less oily/Greasy? he loves to use pomades but doesn't like how they are too greasy. would I add more arrow root?

Cole McNair: I've heard that using Shea butter instead of coconut oil makes pomades less greasy

Satin Such: Can I use soy wax instead of bees wax?

Dora Gordon: +Satin Such i think it stands to reason that bees wax works so well in a pomade recipe because it has a melting point low enough that the warmth of your hands helps it become malleable, and harder once it's applied/cooled for a better hold. soy wax melts at an even lower temperature than beeswax but not too much lower, so if I were you (I personally have no need for pomade) I'd totally give this a try. maybe lower the amount of the olive/jojoba oil in order to compensate.

sweetsiticute: yes you can

ibi nyth: Will it stay that viscosity or does it dry like a bar of soap?

marcellog95: can i use peanuts butter instead of coconut oil?

Shaniel Clarke: Looool nooo darling

marcellog95: i use it every time and it works great my friend

Sandri Mart: I want to eat it too bad

Colorful Canary: Haha, you could.

Youtube Britney: I loved the tutorial, could you tell me, please, some natural ingredient that would not cause build up on my hair but also give me more hold so I can add on this recipe? I'm a guy and folow the "no-poo method' and I tend to style my hair high and I like a little bit more of hold too, more than women usually like.  Thanks in advance.  

Colorful Canary: +Youtube Britney The gelatin is not as shiny as the flax gel, and to answer your question, yes more beeswax = more hold 🙂 but also more residue.

Youtube Britney: Thank you. :)

Woopize: Great video! I'm gonna try and make some pomade this weekend 🙂 But the way, what does the coconut oil and do you know what can I use to make the hold of the pomade stronger or lighter? Thanks a lot! :)