Question wax reviews could it be a gimmick or legit?

Question Wax claims to become a new, painless method of waxing away undesirable hair. Question Wax is really a product of Ontel Products Corporation, resides in Fairfield, NJ and offered underneath the As Seen on television brand. Question Wax claims that it is exclusive natural beeswax formula stays with hair, although not skin, which means you get fast and less painful results than traditional waxing.

Question wax reviews could it be a gimmick or legit? systems use

How Question Wax Works

You just heat the wax within the microwave, spread it within the area that you would like to get rid of hair from after which peel it away.

Although Question Wax states be a unique formula, a minumum of one review online noticed that it’s just a tough wax system. Soft wax systems use strips that stay with both skin and hair and therefore are the waxing systems many people are acquainted with. Hard wax systems, that are really very common within the beauty industry, are just like Question Wax and just require wax with no strips. Hard wax only adheres towards the hair and never your skin. However, this isn’t completely discomfort free, because the hair continues to be pulled out of the skin.

Review also highlights that regardless of whether you make use of a soft wax or hard wax system is determined by the kind of hair being removed along with a hard wax system like Question Wax might not be the best option with respect to the haired. Also, as waxing is really a skill that can take time for you to hone, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to utilize Question Wax to the best potential unless of course you’re good at waxing (understanding how much wax to use etc.).

Question Wax Prices, Shipping & Return Policies

You will get one Question Wax set, with a single serving part of Question Wax, three small applicators, three large applicators, a simple waxing guide and free bonus skin rejuvenating cream for $10, plus $6.99 handling and shipping.

Question wax reviews could it be a gimmick or legit? because the hairResourse:

SammyDress Review!! — IS IT LEGIT?


Cassi dy: thanks for your very very honest review. i was thinking of getting a one size fits all jumper but after your review i would rather pay a little more and get something that fits. Peace

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MsLilly1017: yes lol they are "fenomenal" not even phenomenal:)+Anthony Palumbo

Anthony Palumbo: +Mslilly1017 nice

Xephyre Ikari: They're Chinese. They aren't frauds, they just suck.

Toulue Vang: It's not really the website's fault. It's your's for not being able to get the correct sizing so yeah you're rating was bad.

Nikki Yeomans: SAMMY DRESS\n\nI purchased a cheap shirt under $10 OVER FOUR MONTHS AGO and STILL have not received the shirt or a refund. \n\nI just keep going round and round with customer service. They make promises and close out my complaint ticket and NEVER deliver on the promise. They said they sent the parcel twice, which is hard to believe….and they have said they will refund me the money too. Months and Weeks later, no shirt and no refund either. \n\nThere is no way to Talk to Anyone. No Phone to call and No Person to talk to. Also, it is somewhat difficult to create a ticket…you sort of have to jump through hoops. Total SCAM!!

MsFancyPirate: They do have a phone number! \n+1 909-581-9508 was posted on the site, I don't know how far you'll get with it, but I hope they give you your money back!

boastfuls: Nikki Yeomans did you get it

Chyna Doll: Buyer beware! This company is a scam. This unethical group of rip off artists goes by these names Rosewholesale, Sammydress, Rosegal, Dresslily, Rosewe, Choies, a happy deal, Globalegrow, Everbuying, fashiondresswholesale, Mart of China, Yeegow, on Ebay they are Global_egrow, probably more. All these people are getting ripped off! \n\nFile a dispute with your bank or paypal as soon as possible, they will try to drag it out past the complaint deadline so that you won't get your money back.\nI fell for their scam and I am trying to get my money back thru paypal\nThey are blocking my comments, and deleting others negative reviews\nCheers, and best of luck!

MsTinaMichelle: The complaints I've read about this company are regarding slow shipping, not receiving items ordered, items not fitting because they are too small and item ordered is not what was received. Just think of knock off's. Do enough research, you'll figure it out too.

LISA SMITA: S A M M Y DRESSES IS A SCAM AND A FRAUDULENT CO. Read customers reviews on google. B.S. Company has a blocked ISP address and they will not divulge their location or the owners name, not even on their multiple websites under different names. Buyer beware!

the originals: I don't mean to be rude, but I'd believe this review more if the person reviewing it wasn't asked in the first place.  there have been so many bad reviews on this place.  if this was someone who wasn't given money to shop on this site I'd take it more seriously.  no offense.

Anna Engel: Look at the posts on Sammy dress Facebook..its a scam. People have been waiting months for their orders and never receive them, receive the wrong clothing, and never receive refunds.

Anna C: +the originals that'd only be the case if she was saying good things about the site but she wasn't so I don't see what the problem is?

BOSANKA PRAVA: DO NOT BUY FROM SAMMYDRESS! WHY? CUZ THEY STEAL CUSTOMERS MONEY. I HAVE ORDERED A SHIRT ON SEPTEMBER 19,2013 AND TODAY IS DECEMBER 26,2013. AND GUESS WHAT? I still havent gotten my order. I have called and emailed them. all they say is "your package will come. dont worry." I am sick of waiting for my order. it is not fair to me.sammydress can care less cuz they have taken my money and I WILL NOT STAY SILENT. I WILL SUE. I love sammydress too cuz they sell cheap nice stuff, but FROM THIS DAY I WILL NEVER SHOP FROM THEM. SAMMYDRESS FANS MUST KNOW THAT THIS IS HAPPENING. EVEN IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, JUST BE CAREFUL SAMMYDRESS LOVERS.  🙂 THANK YOU FOR READING. SPREAD THE WORD. DO NOT BE SILENT! 

Diana E.: It's been 4 months have you received it/ sued yet? And thank you do much for your comment I just went through a very stressful situation with online shopping and I'm not ready to do it again lol ��

Mambo Sandy Deleon: +Diana E.

MJ Killjoy Z: i ordered from them,my package hasnt come in…

Brandon T: did it come now ?