Waxing faqs general guidelines for laser hair removal – the wax connection

1.  Which direction must i apply wax on the skin?

Observe/determine the direction of growth and apply in direction of hair regrowth and take away completely horizontally (as near to the skin as possible) from the direction of growth (other direction of hair regrowth). Never pull perpendicularly (up) from the skin which may likely lead to bruising, breaking hair and removing an excessive amount of skin.

2.  How much wax must i use to use onto the skin?

Warm, strip wax should be used inside a thin layer while using fringe of the spatula. A thin use of wax provides less pull around the client’s skin and it is therefore less painful. Furthermore, a thinner application means a larger return for you personally (more treatments per can of wax). Never double-dip.

3.  Are there some skins which i shouldn’t wax?

Yes, there are many situations that could contraindicate a customer for waxing. This isn’t an entire list, however a general guideline. Client consultation is essential to find out if your client is qualified for waxing. Denims ., always execute a patch test first and err along the side of caution. Don’t wax clients:

  • Taking Accutane, and have stopped taking it under last year.
  • Taking any topical or dental prescription acne medication (for example: Adapalene, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Retin A, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin)
  • That have lupus or AIDS
  • Undergoing cancer therapy including chemotherapy or radiation.

Don’t wax areas:

  • Which have inflammed, inflamed, cut, or sunburned skin.
  • With varicose veins.
  • Any section which has a rash, recent scarring, an epidermis graft, pimples, fever blisters, moles, warts or fresh bruises.
  • Where client has gone through dermabrasion services within the past three several weeks.
  • Where client has gone through laser skin resurfacing inside the this past year.
  • Where Botox treatment or bovine collagen injections were performed within the last 7 days.
  • Which have been waxed in the last 24 hrs.
  • Where clients have used AHA’s, BHA’s, Retinols or light peels in the last seven days.
  • With body piercings.

Waxing faqs general guidelines for laser hair removal – the wax connection well in to the skin

4.  When would I personally use a tough, Stripless Wax?

Hard waxes are utilized on more sensitive parts of the body i.e. face, underarms, nape of neck, bikini/brazilian. Since hard waxes shrink-cover your hair and don’t affix to your skin, they’re more suitable to make use of in wax applications in which the client might have very sensitive skin. A 1/4" growth is fantastic for most Hard Waxes to seize and take away your hair efficiently.

Waxing faqs general guidelines for laser hair removal – the wax connection Not just is double-dipping

5.  Which wax would I personally use on skins of color?

Before you understand your client’s skin, always consider skins of color to become more sensitive and go for utilizing a Hard, Peel-off Wax evidently, underarms and bikini.

6.  What can one do if a few of the hair stays onto the skin after I have waxed?

Never reapply a gentle, strip wax over a place that you simply waxed having a strip wax. You should use the present wax in your pellon or cotton strip to press more than a hair to get rid of it (always horizontally). If you are utilizing a Hard, Peel-off Wax, you are able to reapply as much as three occasions (for the way your customers skin is responding) within the same freshly waxed area. Furthermore, if you work with a tough, Non-strip wax and then leave a couple of hairs behind, you are able to cleanup having a strip wax (again, for the way your customers skin is responding). In summary: you should use Hard Wax over Hard Wax Strip Wax over Hard Wax or you can utilize Hard Wax over Strip Wax. Tweezing ought to be stored low because the client has scheduled for any waxing service.

7.  What may be the way of utilizing a Hard, Non-Strip Wax?

Use a thick layer (nickel thickness) in direction of growth departing a level edge round the perimeter. While using flat side from the spatula, apply in smaller sized applications. Make use of an sufficient quantity of pressure in application capture your hair inside the wax. Press together with your finger when the wax is not moist (roughly 4 seconds, with respect to the wax – this can help to help entrap your hair within the wax) and take away immediately from the direction of growth, if at all possible. Hard waxes can be taken off in the side too. Hard waxes are ideal for upper lip laser hair removal as they do not keep to the skin and therefore are docile. Hard waxes are desirable to make use of around the labia in brazilian services.

8.  I stripped away an excessive amount of skin. What went wrong?

Frequently occasions, the customer might be utilizing a homecare product or going for a medication that encourages sloughing i.e. Retinols or AHAs. A mild product that contains these kinds of ingredients can produce a difference on some skins. If your topical skincare product is the issue, ask the customer to discontinue utilisation of the product 7 days just before their next service. You might want to go for utilizing a hard wax on clients who’re ultra sensitive too. Client consultation to verify they are not using something that may contraindicate them before the wax treatment might help avoid this – despite your family clients.

Sometimes, it may be the process. If you have pulled the wax strip verticle with respect (up and away) in the skin, you’ll surely remove much deeper layers of skin. Also, we recommend removal having a smooth, easy stroke rather of the abrupt jerk. For facial wax services, it’s suggested to use a really light layer of powder to include extra protection in addition to dry excess moisture onto the skin. If the wax is simply too hot, then you will encounter a trouble with elimination of an excessive amount of skin or burn the customer. Epillyss waxes melt and therefore are applied at near body’s temperature. It is best to inform the customer once the wax service went awry and consider not charging them or discounting the service. Use icy cold Magic Globes to assist calm and lower inflammation.

9.  What is the greatest product to soothe the skin after waxing?

There are lots of products available. Epillyss includes a fabulous Aloe Gel that cools and calms inflammation and also the E Vitamin Cream is very hydrating helping to regenerate your skin. Epillyss Azulen Oil  or Cirepil Jasmin Oil is soothing and activly works to diffuse inflammation in addition to cleanup any residue.

10.  Should I apply Oil or Powder before waxing?

Waxes don’t like moisture onto the skin, therefore if the customer is perspiring or moist then make use of a powder to soak up the surplus moisture. Again, an easy use of powder is advisable to make use of on delicate skins (for example eyebrows or lip), because it works as a protective barrier between your skin and wax. However, when the skin is simply too dry and dehydrated with a lot of dead cells, waxes will probably keep to the skin, so make use of a small amount of Azulen Oil or Jasmin Oil and massage well in to the skin just before wax application. Hard waxes fully trust a breath of oil, to use a drop or spritz for your glove, and massage well into the area. Normally, this is relevant to underarms or even the bikini area when conducting bikini or brazilian services. If an excessive amount of oil remains onto the skin, simply remove excess having a tissue. Take care not to leave excess oil onto the skin, because this may prevent the wax from correctly sticking towards the hair.

11.  Do you’ve got a product for Ingrown Hair?

Epillyss Carrioff is formulated to make use of between wax services to permit your hair to come to light and never become ingrown. Carrioff contains a mix of Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acids that effectively exfoliate dead cells to avoid them from growing within the follicle opening and blocking your hair from surfacing. It’s good for use on Pseudofolliculitis Barbe too. It’s a non-drying formula with added Camphor Oil for soothing and antiseptic benefits. Carrioff can be obtained as a personal roll-on product for retail purposes. Clients should discontinue utilization of the product 7 days just before their next wax service.

12.  Do you’ve got a numbing product?

Epillyss Magnolia Gel is an antiseptic and refreshingly awesome gel which will gently numb your skin about 25% and really should be used roughly ten minutes before the wax service. It may be offered towards the client to be used before they arrive for his or her appointment or, if sufficient time is allotted for his or her service, you might put it on on their behalf.

13.  Is there a product that slows lower hair regrowth?

Epillyss Prohibit Serum contains botanicals to slow the development of recent hair within the papilla. It ought to be applied every 8 hrs for several consecutive days following the wax service. Application should then be repeated very much the same following the next wax service in 3-4 days. It should be used consistently for the best results. A great product to point out to clients whose new hair growth appears to become particularly ambitious (meaning it grows back quicker than average).

Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. This is a great means to fix help individuals with publish-depilatory reactions, for example breakouts (ideal for bikini line, men’s backs and chest). Stop can be obtained like a roll-on for retail and it is obtainable in a 4 oz spray to be relevant to the consumer following the wax service. Ideally, cleanse your skin after waxing with non-burning Germicidal Lotion and apply Stop Spray towards the area – you may decide to use esthetic wipes with this.

14.  How will i obtain the wax off my equipment, floors and countertops?

Zestasol is really a natural, non-toxic orange solvent that securely dissolves residue on wax heaters, floors, countertops, sheets, and clothing. Between changes of the cans of wax, give a couple of drops in to the well of the wax heater (while it’s warm, not hot) and wipe clean having a paper towel to prevent wax residue and make-up. It is really an good way to keep your equipment and it sparkly clean!

15.  My condition doesn’t need which i put on mitts. Must I?

Removing hair is definitely an intimate service and putting on mitts helps to eliminate the potential of distributing germs and pressing bloodstream-borne pathogens. It transmits a note for your client that you’re a professional and protecting yourself and also the client is essential for you. If you do not choose to put on mitts, remember it might take a brief period of acclimation to get accustomed to something totally new. Putting on thin, snug fitting, soft vinyl or nitrile mitts may feel different initially, however they certainly safeguard you from disease and unnecessary spread of germs.

16.  What about Double-Dipping?

Not just is double-dipping unsanitary, but technicians may receive a citation for double-dipping the spatula in to the wax. You will find clients who’ll report this course of action. Be careful to not double-dip and please use disposable spatulas. In certain states, the reuse of Plastic or metal Spatulas (non-porous) is allowed supplying they aren’t double-dipped. Buy a dozen stainless wax spatulas. Dip and apply once, immerse in container filled with Zestasol, wipe clean of wax residue, then sanitize together with your Environmental protection agency Hospital Grade Sanitation product. You may then be prepared for the following client. It takes only minutes to wash and sanitize.

Waxing faqs general guidelines for laser hair removal – the wax connection note for your client

For those who have other questions or comments or would really like further clarification, please make contact with us!

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