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Plymouth Wax Museum
Plymouth, Mass

Because we published it. this photo page is becoming an historic document by itself. The Plymouth National Wax Museum isn’t more. It’s a large number of costumed Pilgrim figures have left and it is existence-sized diorama removed. All give us a call you’re the photos taken within the late 19903. (Ongoing below)

Plymouth National Wax Museum
15 Carver Street
Plymouth, Mass. 02360

Now closed and gone

Waxing Nostalgic using the Pilgrims

(Editor’s note: This is actually the brief text that made an appearance with this original Web site. The museum is now closed. To determine trained role players for action go to the nearby Plimoth Plantation, produced within the 1950s but still active today in Plymouth, MA.)

Despite a childhood of Cape Cod summers, Irrrve never went to Plymouth until I switched 50. Before you take within the scholarly renovation of Plimouth Plantation, we would have liked to determine the actual tourist stuff – the rock and also the old wax museum. It doesn’t cost you a cent, except parking, to see the famous walking stone. No, the Pilgrims didn’t find this rock. Yes, it’s a hoax, or perhaps a myth, or perhaps a symbol.

Once it symbolized the sacred place which the very first whites showed up inside a primitive land. Today we all know better. Countless ships, possibly a large number of Europeans had showed up first, fishing the fertile waters and buying and selling having a very advanced tribal society which had lived on the location for thousands of years.

The stone continues to have power, even on the drizzling s[ring day. The magnificently reconstructed Mayflower II floats nearby. Together, what appears like a 1620s house, is really a gift outpost for your Pilgrim needs.

We stopped to pay for homage towards the mighty Massasoit, who had been searching very buff, before striking the museum. The sales brochure states this really is "America’s only wax museum dedicated entirely towards the story from the Pilgrims." We’re likely to bet that maybe true.

Although some historians dis that old fashioned display of wax figures, this really is my type of show. My brain needs help visualizing existence within the 1620s, whether or not the facts are not scholastically perfect. The Plymouth National Wax Museum, inside what appears like an enormous suburban house, is really a haunted-house style self-led tour. Dark halls reveal a few dozen tableau featuring countless wax-headed figures aboard the Mayflower as well as in eatly Plymouth colony.

Plymouth was among the earliest museums using Dofrman figures. The presentation seems like it has not altered for 50 years, but we loved it the same. Kids like it. The only real animated figure we had would be a drunk figure that snores while his stomach rises and lower. Figures are posed dramatically as though inside a 19th century history painting.

Things went badly at Plymouth that the majority of the original founders died of starvation and disease within the newbie. To be able to hide their dwindling figures from Indigenous Peoples, the Mayflower settlers hidden their dead during the night. It had been, obviously, the intervention of Indians that permitted any settlers to outlive. And, obviously, there is that visit by New Hampshire’s first settler David Thomson in 1623.

In a single scene, rain flows within an endlessly perfect sheet like a boat roacks. The wax pilgrims find a plaster duplicate from the famous rock only a couple of yards away in the Plymouth waterfront. Inevitably the tour deposits us within the gift shop, heavily stocked with Native American and Pilgrim kitsch A child may go crazy here attempting to spend his $5. Rubber snake, a rubber knife or perhaps a plastic Plymouth Rock bank? Thanks for visiting America.

Text and photos by J. Dennis Robinson
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Mayflower II Pilgrim Hut? Plymouth Rock Massasoit StatueCLICK To Go To WAX MUSUEM

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