Ways to use old crayons

By Patticat

Scribble Cookie

Take damaged crayon bits in a variety of colors and insert them in a muffin tin. Melt them within the oven just until they have run together. After it cools pop it and you’ve got a multi colored scribble cookie that children will like.

By Anna

Ways to use old crayons just until they have run

Different Shapes

Searching for something related to individuals old damaged crayons? Go ahead and take wrappers from old crayon break them into pieces mix altogether and offer along side it.

Take two muffin tins line all of them with either foil muffin cups or spray with only plain non-stick baking spray. Put bits of crayons within the muffin tins filling it midway.

Heat oven to 200 levels F. Place the muffin tin within the oven. Remove following the crayons are melted. For me personally it always takes about 9-11 minutes but watch them since oven temperatures vary.

Once they are melted remove from the oven offer side. Let awesome. It’s my job to let awesome around an hour but when you’re in a hurry insert them in the fridge to awesome after they’re awesome you’ve fun new crayons for the children.

Just for fun holiday ideas, have a flat cookie sheet lined with easy release foil. Use metal cookie cutters. Press the cookie cutters lower a bit. Put crayon pieces in every standard and melt the wax. Let awesome and you’ll have crayons in neat shapes.

Or take plastic chocolate molds and dixie cups. Put crayon pieces within the cup. Melt the crayons in microwave for around 5-8 minutes pour in to the molds let awesome in freezer for 25-30 min and they’ll pop away from the mold.

By Courtney Herriage

Add Glitter

When employed by an after-school program, I’d take baking cups employed for muffins (try those that have foils cups enclosed with paper) and old damaged crayons and also have the kids mix the crayons (paper removed) into whatever palettes they wanted within the cups on the metal tray and put them into a stove at approximately 250 levels f. The crayons melt within the cups to create a perfectly round crayon that even little hands holds. Be cautious! Oven usage ought to always be made by adults. Keep kids from the oven and hot trays or utensils! Handle crayons when completely cooled. For added special crayons, have kids add glitter before crayons will continue to bake.

By Nicole

Microwave Crayons

Remove paper and set several crayons of comparable color families (i.e. red crimson and blue or yellow eco-friendly and blue) in a tiny bathroom-size paper cup. Put a number of these cups on the plate and micro until melted enough not less than some to become liquid. Don’t MIX. Let it awesome and remove paper and you’ve got a multi-colored chunky crayon for little hands or simply fun due to the multi-color.

By Linda.

My Crayon Craft Ideas

Here’re a couple of things I have completed with old crayons. I usually have lots in the finish of the season.


You may make suncatchers using wax paper, an iron and crayon shavings. Make use of a sheet of heavy foil within the wax paper when ironing which means you don’t smoke in the place or ruin your iron. I personally use old muffin tins and pencil sharpeners to create shavings grouped by color. Kids always want to really make the shavings. Have a large sheet of wax appear and fold it in two, sprinkle shavings (sparingly, they spread a great deal!) over 1/2 from the sheet, then fold over & iron on medium heat – it takes only a couple of seconds. Awesome and reduce shapes. We made wings from construction paper to create bees and butterflies. Then tape your creations onto home windows for that light to stand out. You may also draw or write around the wax paper with sharpie markers.

Crayon Works of art

Make use of an old warming tray and wrap the tray top with heavy foil to safeguard it. Then convey a piece of paper around the tray and ‘paint’ using the crayon stubs – which melt because they touch the paper. For more enjoyable, place another piece of paper on the top from the first and rub evenly, then remove. You will have 2 pieces superbly patterned paper you should use for collage, etc. Paper having a smooth finish works well with this.

Resourse: http://thriftyfun.com/

How To Use Broken Crayons!


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