Soft wax or hard wax? how to pick — venelle salon and health spa

Soft waxing treatments use strip wax or honey wax—named that since it becomes the consistency of honey once heated.


How Soft Wax Works

After being heated, soft wax is used in an exceedingly thin layer over the place to be treated. Your skin care expert may use a thin layer of powder before you apply to safeguard your skin from being broken once the strips are removed. Once applied, the soft wax is included having a thin cloth for example muslin or some different of non-woven material. Once the wax has set, the esthetician will take away the strip, getting the wax and hair by using it.


Soft Wax Pros

We obtain it, it’s not necessary all day—soft wax does apply and removed fast, and in contrast to hard wax, it’s not necessary to hold back for this to harden.


Soft Wax Cons

Soft wax is more prone to cause ingrown hairs than hard wax, so remember that for those who have sensitive skin.


Hard Wax

While soft wax is taken away quickly, hard wax is permitted to awesome and harden.

Soft wax or hard wax? how to pick — venelle salon and health spa and removed fast, and


How Hard Wax Works

Rather of powder being put on prepare your skin when utilizing soft wax, apre-epilating oil is used. Hard wax can also be spread onto the skin inside a thicker layer—about the thickness of the nickel—and no cloths are utilized to take it off. Once hardened, the wax is taken away very rapidly, taking out the undesirable hair together with it.


Hard Wax Pros

For those who have sensitive skin or you’re going bare underneath the belt, hard wax is the friend. Since it only stays with hair and never skin, it is commonly gentler around the bikini area. Hard wax can also be especially proficient at removing small hairs (bye, lip fuzz).


Hard Wax Cons

Hard wax isn’t as efficient as soft wax, so it’s better saved for bikini waxes and Brazilians—soft wax is the perfect option for legs and arms.