Fight from the wax museums l a attractions tussle over figure quality abc news

An inquisitive contest has been waged in La. It recalls the fight of the trademark titans, for example Coke versus. Pepsi, or Burger king versus. Hamburger King. However this time, it’s wax museum versus. wax museum.

You heard right. It is a fight over whose wax figures be more effective.

In a single corner, the famous Madame Tussauds – the worldwide franchise that’s considered the defacto standard in the realm of wax. As well as in another corner, the scrappy, family-run Hollywood Wax Museum that’s located only a couple of blocks away.

Madame Tussauds thinks your competition does not compare well, and it is launched an exciting-out marketing blitz to allow everybody realize it.

"I believe a few of their figures need work," Valerie Wang, of Madame Tussauds, told "Hello America."

Inside a new marketing campaign, Madame Tussauds shows their form of famous figures for example Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan and Lucille Ball, and places them near the Hollywood Wax Museum‘s wax versions of individuals same stars.

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Their campaign also conspicuously includes a couple of online critiques from the rival museum’s figures, included in this the opinion in one poster the Hollywood Wax Museum’s figure of Lucille Ball "appears like a meth addict."

The Hollywood Wax Museum’s operators aren’t amused, as you would expect.

"It is the situation from the big bully, you realize, trying to push the small guy around," Aileen Stein from the Hollywood Wax Museum told "GMA."

Wang dispute that assertion, explaining: "We are not really attempting to bully them.  We’re just attempting to show the main difference between us and them."

Madame Tussauds, that charges a greater admission, is unquestionably the slicker of these two. Why pick around the little guy?

"It’s a threat when we are losing … when individuals are likely to their attraction believing that they are us," Wang stated.


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