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You cannot miss the most recent attraction in Myrtle Beach.  Seriously… you cannot miss it! Whenever you place the truly amazing Ape of Myrtle Beach scaling a skyscraper, park and get ready for some gargantuan fun in a great value! The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center  rolls the red carpet for people to enjoy three completely different encounters year-round.

Hollywood wax museum entertainment center attractions myrtlebeach com royal escape, but time is

Hollywood Wax Museum
Wake up close and private together with your favorite stars and popular culture icons for photo ops in abundance. Make certain to possess your paparazzi (buddies and family) with you while you walk the red carpet, dance using the stars, walk into the Dale earnhardt jr . winner’s circle, look in to the prop vault, and much more on the road to being a Hollywood insider.

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors
Determine whether you are able to break Ugly Hetty’s spell and save Princess Hannah about this gallant adventure through countless mirrored walls and archways. There are several sections where you will see infinite glare in each and every direction, plus hexed chambers designed to prevent a royal escape, but time is drained. Are You Currently the Selected One?

Outbreak — Dread the Undead
Prepare to manage the effects of the military experiment gone terribly wrong. Your  mission: clean-up and disposal in Chemacorp’s biotech lab where test subjects and also the entire research staff happen to be switched into aggressive zombies. What might happen within this labyrinth of utility hallways and makeshift containment cells? Who knows!

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Hannah's Maze of Mirrors (Myrtle Beach, SC)


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