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We feature white-colored and yellow beeswax at the best prices online.

yellow beeswax granuals

Natural Yellow Beeswax Granules / Pearls

Our natural yellow beeswax pearls are 100% pure and therefore are filtered to become free from debris. Our wholesale yellow beeswax granules are ideal for their simplicity of use but nonetheless keep up with the characteristic aroma and color that beeswax is renowned for. You’ll find them much simpler to utilize than traditional blocks. This version is extremely famous candle lights.

white beeswax granuals

White-colored Beeswax Granules / Pearls

Our white-colored beeswax pearls happen to be filtered and also the color continues to be naturally removed to produce a remarkably clean white-colored appearance while keeping natural beeswax smell. Our wholesale white-colored beeswax granules are really easy to utilize the help to while using pearls. Due to the refinement it was is usually better for lip balm and private product which require something that is much more refined. It could also be great for candle lights which are using color because the yelow tint won’t hinder the coloring process.

100% pure at the best wholesale prices online

We presently carry both pure yellow and white-colored beeswax in granules/gem form.

Yellow Beeswax is filtered for wholesomeness as the natural color and aromas of honey are preserved.

White-colored Beeswax is filtered for wholesomeness and also the color continues to be naturally removed preserving the aroma.

For bigger quantity wholesale yellow and white-colored beeswax quotes, please contact the house office. We take great pride in offering the highest quality and costs anywhere online.

Wholesale Natural Yellow Beeswax

Beeswax is really a natural wax produced from honeybees. Typically ten (10) pounds of honey yields one (1) pound of beeswax. When initially created, wax within the honeycomb is almost white-colored, but yellows with the help of skin oils created by pollen from flowers. Beeswax is collected from the honeycombs of the beehive and are available in variations. Do in order to its high melting point beeswax&rsquos already easy workability is enhanced while in granules/gem form.

Bulk Beeswax Uses and Benefits

Using beeswax might be as old as history itself. In the earliest known illustration of therapeutic dentistry, dating back to over 6,000 years back, to modern uses including fine making candles, skincare, and supplying a safety coating for fine cheeses. Research even shows that cosmetic and medicinal purposes of beeswax might be better than oil-based products. (See below)

A Brief History of Beeswax

The known good reputation for mankind&rsquos utilization of beeswax goes back to Neolithic Europe. To be able to reduce discomfort and sensitivity inside a cracked tooth, beeswax was utilized like a therapeutic dental filling. Beeswax seemed to be ancient humans&rsquo first plastic. Written historic evidence, of using beeswax, goes back towards the ancient Egyptians who authored of lovely Nefertiti&rsquos utilization of it in her own cosmetics and bath soap. More lately, physicians also suggested it for a number of therapeutic qualities also it was put on treat numerous ailments. Beeswax seemed to be a fundamental part of composite balms utilized in dressings after surgery.

Benefits and Purposes of Beeswax

Beeswax has been discovered naturally helpful in medicine, cosmetics, food as well as art. To individuals who appreciate a much safer, natural atmosphere, it offers a variety of uses.

A proper Atmosphere

Beeswax candle lights are naturally scented using the aroma of honey. This really is highly desirable for individuals that suffer from bronchial asthma or perhaps is allergic or responsive to smells. Pure beeswax candle lights as emit little (or no) smoke once they burn – keeping the home cleaner and much more comfortable. Aside from the smoke, these candle lights burn with little if any wax drip which makes them keep going longer. Recent reports claim that burning beeswax candle lights can really purify the environment by releasing negative ions removing impurities in the air we breathe.

Healthy Skin Care

Alone, beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin. Using its amazing ability to utilize in collaboration with multiple ingredients, beeswax may be used to profit and enhance the human body. With anti-microbial qualities and vit a, it helps with healing and cell development without clogging pores. Using its water repelling qualities, beeswax sustains sun block action.

Research on Beeswax

Studies constantly reveal that yellow and white-colored beeswax offers no toxicological concerns, even if ingested (in a small amount). Many commercial beekeepers choose to chew beeswax honeycombs to traditional gum. Beeswax functions being an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergenic along with a germicidal antioxidant. Research by German scientists, “Efficacy of barrier creams compared to skincare products in dental laboratory technicians – a controlled trial,” (translation) in the Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft discovered that, “&hellipThe results show using in the evening moisturizers is extremely advantageous and underneath the selected study conditions even better than barrier creams applied at the office. This method is much more simple for many professions and could effectively lessen the frequency of irritant contact eczema.”


– Supplment your lotions to include skin protective qualities

– Supplment your lip balm (as suggested through the Mayo Clinic) to supply greater permanence and elasticity.

– Use within making candles for any better, healthier home


DIY Beeswax Food Wraps


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