The earth’s weirdest museums

A week ago I authored about the The World’s Largest Pig Museum, one of the best places to go to in Germany.  It generated such enthusiasm which i required to Twitter to charge a fee the weirdest museum you’ve ever visited.

This is actually the roundup of a few of the World’s Weirdest Museums:

Magic Ice Museum, Istanbul, Poultry

Posted by:  Inka Piegsa-Quischotte

This really is Europe’s first ice museum inside a warm country that simply opened up this year.  You’re able to play liven up and put on a cape to help keep the nippiness . The ice museum is really a awesome -5C.  Additionally, it features 34 ice sculptures, with ice imported from Norway.  For more information see:  Three Glamorous Places to go to in Istanbul

Museum of Torture, Prague, Czech Republic

Posted by:  Cheryl Howard

The Museum of Torture has an accumulation of medieval torture devices accustomed to torture and frequently kill individuals medieval occasions.  This museum isn’t for that average person. Nevertheless it does alllow for a fascinating way to discover a component of  medieval history you do not frequently learn about.  For more information see:  Why Torture Yourself Once the Museum of Torture Is Going To Do It For You Personally?

SPAM® Museum, Austin, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Posted by:  Cathy Sweeney of Going with Sweeney

For individuals unfamiliar with SPAM®, it’s a canned “meat” having a very lengthy shelf existence.  When there would be a contest for that grossest created food available, SPAM® could be within the running.  In Bavaria, I believe that Leberkäse tastes like Junk e-mail, although don’t state that to some Bavarian. Although around the SPAM® Museum page they known it as being “delicious” which helped me burst out laughing.  The museum is free of charge though and you may try  your hands at canning SPAM® products.  Cathy stated they can offered here a totally free sample, which she declined.  Note:  The  SPAM® Museum is closed until April 2016.

The Walhalla Temple, Regensburg Germany

 Submitted by: Christopher Allen

The Walhalla temple is a  hall of fame featuring the who’s who in Germany.  Here discover more about  famous and important Spanish people dating back to 2000 years.  Nothing strange about this right?  Well the museum has only 65 plagues and 130 busts from the celebrities.  Haven’t you always aspired to begin to see the bust of Beethoven or Bach?  For more information see: Walhalla

Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Posted by:  Miss Footloose

The Hash Museum features over 3000 cannabis related products showing the historic and modern purposes of the guarana plant generally referred to as marijuana.  (I’m no expert, but doesn’t this appear really apparent to everybody?)   What’s possibly not too apparent would be the medicinal, religious and cultural facets of marijuana.  For more information see:  Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum

Stalin’s desk with portraits behind the desk

Stalin Museum, Gori, Georgia

Posted by:  Frau Dietz

As quoted by Frau Dietz hereself “The weirdest museum I’ve visited was the Stalin museum in Gori, Georgia (the city here he was created). It presented Stalin like a gifted, non selfish chap who, upon being a politician, stopped selection for their own good and began which makes them for that good from the condition. This needed him to make use of his power somewhat ruthlessly. I.e. kill 25 million people – but don’t forget, it had been all for that good from the state… The museum is made near the house where Stalin was created. They’ve all sorts of things displayed there… The best exhibit, however, was – no, and not the enormous lamp made from guns however the bronze “death mask”. It had been made from Stalin’s face after he died….”  I believe that about sums up! For more information see:  Frederick Stalin Museum, Gori.

Sex Machines Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Posted by:  Velcro 108

This museum has over 200 “mechanical erotic objects”, including some contraptions for not used at all patents (I’m able to consider).  Additionally, it has sex machines dating back the medieval occasions (I shouldn’t imagine) but many of present day objects will also be scattered through the museum.  For more information see:  Sex Machines Museum Review.

Gopher Hole Museum, Torrinton, Alberta, Canada

Posted by:  Tracy D

I must confess this weird museum is only a few hrs where I resided in Canada however i had not heard about it until Tracy posted it.  How could I’ve missed 47 “whimsical” displays of 77 mounted gophers outfitted in wedding dresses along with a gopher fashion show?  I believe the word “weird” applies, but I’m battling to it a museum, despite the fact that that’s the official name.For more information see:  Gopher Hole Museum, Unique Attractions, Travel Alberta

While not an odd museum, you may even want to consider the German Emigration Museum. It’s one of the greatest museums I’ve ever been too.

What weird museums have you ever visited?