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J.H. Calo Clients are a distributor of top quality beauty salon ingredients and undesirable laser hair removal items that include Cerita Depilatory Wax along with other laser hair removal waxes.

Cerita Depilatory Wax High finish salons and sweetness supply outlets use J.H. Calo Company for Cerita 25-28 B Depilatory Wax, reporting their customers are very pleased with the merchandise&rsquos performance. Cerita Wax absorbs right to the main, departing skin smooth without any bumps. This impressive way of getting eliminate undesirable hair does apply to any or all skin tones, hair lengths and textures. It&rsquos simple to use and just the minimum amount is needed to attain a laser hair removal procedure that lasts more than shaving or using laser hair removal lotions.

Cerita Wax blends hydrocarbon and natural waxes, resin ester resins and re-odorant. It’s a safe, top quality wax that’s been created for use with and without cloth strips. Just like other wax removal products, careful application to prevent burning and undesirable skin contact is essential.

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Directions to be used:


  1. Place container right into a professional wax heater. Heat for two to five minutes on medium setting. Wax ought to be warm and also at a liquid consistency.

  2. Test temperature of wax within your wrist. Wax should bond with body’s temperature.

  3. Prepare place to be waxed with Cerita® while analyzing the direction of hair regrowth.

  4. Utilizing a wooden disposable spatula, have a quarter-sized quantity of wax, smooth the bottom from the spatula against container and switch spatula several rotations to reduce dripping.

  5. Apply wax onto skin using fringe of spatula. Spread and apply pressure in direction of hair regrowth. The narrow portion of wax ought to be applied thinly and evenly having a ridge round the perimeter for simple wax removal.

  6. Lift the ridge and take away the wax parallel and near to the skin within the other direction of hair regrowth. Let wax set before removal. Room and the body temperature might slow the procedure.

  7. Apply moisturizing lotion for any cooling, soothing, and hydrating finish.


  1. Take away the lid.

  2. Place container in center of microwave on the microwave safe plate. Heating time will be different with every microwave.

  3. Heat for 5-10 minutes on high setting. Utilizing a pop-sicle stick, carefully break the top of wax. If wax isn’t melted, reheat in 15 second increments before you can stir the wax. Don’t heat the wax in excess of thirty seconds at any given time because the wax can become hot to use securely.

  4. Take away the container carefully in the microwave checking first to make certain container isn’t hot.

  5. Test wax temperature on backside of wrist before application.

  6. Cleanse the region to become epilated & pat dry having a tissue.

  7. Holding the applicator in a 45 degree position, use a thick layer from the wax in direction of your hair growth.

  8. Allow wax to awesome.

  9. Holding skin taut, pull wax off in a single quick motion in other direction of hair regrowth. 10.) Immediately apply firm pressure towards the epilated area to soothe the skin.

  10. Never reapply to recently epilated areas.

  11. Optional: Apply soothing lotion.


  • For Professional Only Use

  • Read all instructions and safeguards just before use.

  • Before use, make certain skin is dry, non-inflammed, and free from creams, oils or deodorant.

  • Don’t use on the client should they have open wounds, cuts, herpes simplex, cancer, diabetes, or are utilizing steroids.

  • Don’t use on the client if they’re using Retin A, Glycolic Acidity, or other skin thinning substance.

  • Don’t use on the client should they have were built with a deep chemical peel or surgical treatment until released with a physician.

  • Don’t use over spider veins, moles, warts, sunburnt skin, or skin which has had a bad response to waxes previously.

  • Don’t apply wax within the same area more often than once.

  • Don’t use deodorants or antiperspirants for twenty-four hrs after underarm application.

Resourse: http://jhcalo.com/catalog.cfm/jh-calo/cerita-depilatory-wax/category_id/

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