Satin smooth®


to make use of Satin Smooth beBare® is straightforward. Just do as instructed below, and very quickly at

all you’ll be performing Satin Smooth beBare® services with full confidence and know-how. Trust

Satin Smooth to continually provide you with the tools and understanding you should utilize beBare.

Using Satin Smooth beBare®:

Slide a safety collar onto removable metal insert pot. Place pot into Satin Smooth Professional Warmer, and switch warmer on.

Satin smooth® full, stir product until

Take away the cap and liner in the Satin Smooth beBare® Laser Hair Removal container and thoroughly tip the container upside lower within the insert pot.

When the pot is full, stir product until it reaches an syrup-like consistency.

1. Cleanse place to be given SATIN SMOOTH® SATIN CLEANSER®.

2. Utilizing a wooden spatula, use a thin layer of Satin Smooth beBare® to skin in direction of hair regrowth.

3. Place epilating strip within the area smooth firmly hands in direction of hair regrowth.

4. Hold skin taut and pull epilating strip rapidly in other direction of hair regrowth, keeping strip near to


5. After area is totally free from hair,

apply Satin Smooth beSmooth® Sanitizing Skin Treatment Lotion


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