Hard wax laser hair removal protocol

pic-11. Start by heating the wax inside a wax warmer by having an adjustable temperature control. It is advisable to heat the wax around the greatest temperature. After fifteen minutes or even more, turn the temperature lower to some awesome working temperature, which, for hard wax, is all about 130 levels F. When the wax within the heater becomes hot, the fastest and simplest way to awesome the wax would be to add cold wax towards the heater.

pic-22. Cleanse the client’s skin just before using the hard wax. Cleansing your skin will remove any debris, for example makeup or dirt, on the top of skin and permit the wax to correctly set and shrink wrap your hair. Be sure that the selected cleanser is gentle onto the skin and appropriate to be used on every area from the client’s body.

3. After cleansing your skin, use a very little bit of a pre-waxing oil towards the client’s preferred waxing area. An excellent pre-wax oil will prove to add an additional layer of protection so the wax doesn’t keep to the client’s skin it will likewise pre-soothe their skin. Only a tiny bit of oil is needed – your skin shouldn’t appear oily. To be able to retrieve a tiny bit of oil from the pump bottle, tap around the pump rather of pumping it.pic-3

pic-44. Use the wax from the direction from the hair regrowth with enough pressure and spread it to around the thickness of the blueberry skin’s thickness back in direction of your hair growth, developing a lip around the edge.

5. Look into the wax to make sure it’s set after which take it off from the hair regrowth, immediately squeezing tightly towards the waxed area to be able to soothe your skin. Always remove hard wax with flexible wrists and pull the wax off as an plane removing, bending round the contours from the body. A minimal-working temperature, quality hard wax does apply towards the same area multiple occasions by using pre-waxing oil in-between applications. The oil helps to ensure that there’s always a layer of protection onto the skin.pic-5

pic-76. After waxing, cleanse your skin, which supports to shut the follicles of hair and be sure there’s nothing left onto the skin that may cause irritation.

7. Follow with the use of an after product or perhaps an ingrown hair treatment. After maintenance systems which contain ingredients for example aloe, tea-tree, or lavender work well at soothing your skin and supply additional antibacterial benefits. A highly effective ingrown treatment ought to be gentle and contain ingredients for example salicylic acidity.

8. Educate the customer about how they ought to take proper care of their skin in-between waxing treatments. Help remind them that routinely exfoliating and moisturizing will assist you to lessen the risk of ingrown hairs and breakouts. Suggest that they avoid exposure to the sun not less than 24 hrs pre and post waxing.


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Resourse: http://dermascope.com/hair-removal/

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etamlous: I'm a skin type III with dense , thick dark hair who had 8 laser treatments on chest and abs with GentleMax Pro and Synosure Elite MPX both with 18mm and 20joules, 3ms and 5 ms on the Alexandrite 755. The lasers that were used on me are still "the top lasers" industry has to offer. During the treatments, everything looked like a miracle, smooth skin, slow regrowth, hair looking thinner etc. I achieved 80% reduction after 8th treatment. The results lasted 1.5 years before more and more hair started regrowing. I started doing research about permanency on laser hair removal and basically was stunned to learn how the FDA legally defines "permanency" so dermatologists and beauty salons can offer such services. To date, there is not a single independent medical study on long term laser permanency (5+ years post treatments) because that would shatter this lucrative market. Then you start hearing about laser stimulating more hair growth on men's backs and upper arms. The web is full of angry and desperate women trying to find solution to lasers stimulating hair growth on their faces and men complaining of patchy beard reduction etc.. I personally had to spend thousands of dollars on Electrolysis to finish what $3,500 worth of laser treatments and close to 2 years invested failed on me. At least Electrolysis exists and does give a permanent hair removal when lasers fail even on best candidates. The only area laser gives good results is on lower legs, not even upper legs. A dermapathologist explained to me that lower legs have less blood supply and circulation so the follicles don't get as much hormonal nourishment and they're easier to kill.

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